I am out of the dorms at last, which is a good thing since the guy I was sharing my room with was unbearable. I do not know how he could manage to always smell so bad, even after he would shower. I think it was that he would not do his laundry and he would leave things laying around until they stunk beyond belief. At any rate I found a guy who is going to go in with me and we are going to find good Alamo Heights apartments for rent. Obviously if you get a roommate that really cuts down on the rent. Basically if you have a one bedroom place that cost six hundred dollars, then a two bedroom place is going to cost you around seven hundred and twenty dollars. Then obviously you split that in half and each person owes three hundred and sixty dollars. So in that example you save a hundred and forty dollars.

If you had a three bedroom place, then that would be even better. In the previous example the increase for a third bedroom would be about the same, so you would end up at around eight hundred and forty dollars per month and that would be divided three ways to end up at only two hundred and eighty dollars per person. We are sort of looking for a third person. In fact you could extend the idea even further, but all of you would need to find a girl that you could live with happily and who would not think that she got to live there for free. Right now I am not very close, although I have gone out with a couple of girls and I know this girl who seems to be interested in me. She seems a little strange though.

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