I Love My New Acrylic Nails


When I used to think of acrylic nails, I would see images of painfully long nails. Typing is part of my daily job, so I just never showed any interest in this type of nail. I was completely happy with how I manicured my own nails and then applied a very soft color to them. When my friend gave me a certificate to get acrylic nails in Singapore, I honestly did not know what she was thinking because she knows how I feel about nails like that. Well, it turns out she knows me better than I know myself, at least in this area.

When I told her I really did not want to have that kind of nail, she told me to go online and look at acrylic nails. She told me that I might just find myself being surprised, so I did just that. And, once again, she was right. Continue reading “I Love My New Acrylic Nails”

They Did Marvelous Work on My Daughter


Getting a Holland Village manicure turned out to be the best choice I made when taking my daughter around to get her ready for a recital at school. She had a key role to play in the recital, and it was a formal recital where everyone dresses up to the nines and looks their best, so getting her nails done was only one part of the total package. We had to invest in an outfit, her hair, and of course her make up and nails. We want only the best for her so it was important to find the right place to do the work.

I had her hair done at the place I go, but I didn’t want them doing her nails because I know the person there doesn’t do the best work possible. I had a manicure done there a few months ago and felt that it was only average work at best. Continue reading “They Did Marvelous Work on My Daughter”

Who Knew Massage Helps with Anxiety?


A Sacramento chiropractor eventually saved me from the ravages of anxiety and I’m eternally grateful for it. I was never what you would call an anxious person during my younger years. It wasn’t until I took a very high stress position with a bank several years ago that I started to feel the tug of what most people would call anxiety. The shaking, the jittery feeling, the thoughts that the world was about to collapse all reared their ugly head. I went to several doctors to see if there was a physical cause and they all said there was nothing.

I eventually tried several types of pharmaceutical drugs used to combat anxiety and all of them had side effects I wouldn’t wish upon my worst enemy. When I quit taking them, the anxiety returned in force. It got so bad that I started missing work and couldn’t really function even when I was at home. Continue reading “Who Knew Massage Helps with Anxiety?”

The Notion of Gray Area Morality


There are many possible reasons that you might want to you a fake pay stub generator from thepaystubs.com – maybe you’re unable to print your own pay stubs when applying for a loan. This way you can actually show real information on a pay stub that may technically not be from your employer but has accurate information regarding it. Maybe you want it for more nefarious reasons. I wouldn’t blame you for that. Morality is such a social construct that’s objectively enforced by the will of subjective experiences that are somehow agreed upon. I’ve never been one for the nuances of morality in this context; if you want to steal from companies that have money quite literally insured, go for it. Continue reading “The Notion of Gray Area Morality”

Taking Your Mobile App Idea to the Professionals


Coming up with a good idea for a mobile app is the goal of many entrepreneurs at the moment. They have seen the amazing success of many start with just a single idea and think to themselves that it could be them next. This is true and there are success stories almost weekly where someone with one good idea turned it into the hot new app for Apple and Android phones. The big problem is that getting from the idea to the app can be a big leap. Hiring experienced professionals like Massive Infinity, a mobile app development firm, can be just what you need to make your dream a reality. Entrepreneurs should not be reticent to seek out the help of professionals just as they would with any other facet of running their business where they were not an expert.

At times entrepreneurs with mobile app ideas can be hesitant to get the help of mobile app design professionals like Massive Infinity. Outside of the general cost of hiring experts to help with the design, they are more concerned about ownership rights where their app is concerned. Due to this misunderstanding, many times they will design their own app with their less than expert skills and come up with an app that is ready for publishing on the iTunes or Google Play Store, but not one that is likely to garner much attention and praise given the lackluster or rudimentary design. Mobile app design is not something that can be learned overnight and it is a good idea to hire a firm to assist in making your app into something that has a legitimate chance of becoming a success. Getting the help of a mobile app design firm does not change the ownership rights of you app, it just increases it the likelihood of it being something that is more polished and usable for consumers and therefore, a greater possibility it can be the next hit app.

Why I Think Texas Energy Companies Should Push for Clean, Renewable Energy Sources


Texas Energy Companies aren’t exactly know for their use of wind mills and hydroelectricity but more so for their oil plants and coal mining. I think there’s a better alternative they should consider going into 2017. For example, solar panels. Millions of people are using them on their homes, for large businesses and even to just keep their hot tubs warm in the winter.

I don’t see any reason why Texas can’t turn this around for their benefit and for the greater benefit of our children and over all environment health.

Global warming is real people and it wont take any prisoners. One day we’ll wake up wishing we had done more to prevent the horrible things that will undoubtedly occur in the near future.

You know who can help with this? The energy companies. Specifically, Texas. Continue reading “Why I Think Texas Energy Companies Should Push for Clean, Renewable Energy Sources”