Often, I found myself in tears often when I had to do physics homework. I thought often about dropping the class and changing my major, but then I found a company called Physics Tuition that helps students who do not want to give up. I figured I would try it. If it didn’t work, I would then know I tried at the very least. I knew that it was my last hope because I was unable to do well in the class without any assistance. I want to go into the medical field, but the job that I want demands a degree that physics classes are part of.

One of the things that I really liked about the tutoring I decided to get is that I understood what the teacher was teaching me. I was not having that same luck in my class at the university that I was attending. Our tutor didn’t rush as quickly as my professor did and would always make sure that we understood all of the material before moving on. In school, professors have strict deadlines that they must go by to go over all the material, and you either sink or swim.

Getting assistance was the only way that I passed my class at the end of the year at school. This was the only class that I had any trouble with over the 2 years that I had already been in school. It is crazy to think that I was thinking of giving up my chosen degree because of that one course. I just needed some extra time and attention to learn everything properly. I will need to take the next level in the class this next semester, and I plan to get help from the same outside company to get me through the next class as well.

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