When I used to think of acrylic nails, I would see images of painfully long nails. Typing is part of my daily job, so I just never showed any interest in this type of nail. I was completely happy with how I manicured my own nails and then applied a very soft color to them. When my friend gave me a certificate to get acrylic nails in Singapore, I honestly did not know what she was thinking because she knows how I feel about nails like that. Well, it turns out she knows me better than I know myself, at least in this area.

When I told her I really did not want to have that kind of nail, she told me to go online and look at acrylic nails. She told me that I might just find myself being surprised, so I did just that. And, once again, she was right. There were the hideous nails that I would never have, and ones that I don’t think most nail salons would offer except if it was actually asked for, but there were some that are really nice too. I decided that I would give it a shot after all.

I had seen one image that I really liked a lot. Of all the different acrylic designs I saw, this is the one that I just really liked the most. It was close to the holidays, so I knew that it would be perfect too. Three nails on each hand are read, while the other two are black and white. One nail is black with white dots, and the other is white with black dots. Altogether, it just looks so festive and fun. Plus, it is not super long, so I knew I would still be able to type without damaging them. The nail salon was able to do that for me, and I absolutely love how they look!

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