When my sister asked me to find her a good divorce lawyer in Saratoga NY, I was so happy. I had never wanted her to marry the monster who proposed to her, but she saw the parts of him that he wanted to see. His controlling ways didn’t present to her until they said their vows. She had confided in me about three months into their marriage that it was a mistake and was going to leave him, but then she found out just days later that she was pregnant.

She tried to make the marriage work for the sake of their son, and then the two daughters that came within two years of the birth of their son. She really tried, but nothing was ever good enough for him. She finally realized that if she did not get out of the relationship, he was going to completely break her. She was nearly at that point already, but it was her love for her three children that gave her the strength to stand up to him. She had plenty of proof of his emotional and mental abuse, and he even told the judge that he was not going to let her have the children.

Thankfully, the lawyer I found for her was able to show the judge just how manipulative and controlling he was, and her husband really helped to prove that point in the courtroom. My sister and her children now live on the same block as me, and he has a restraining order against him because of his threats. My sister is finally ready for a new beginning, and I know that she is going to be okay. Once the lawyer took on her case, I just saw a strength in her that I hadn’t seen since she had met him nearly six years ago.

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