I always wanted to be able to have a large crowd around when I was going to perform as a child. My mom wanted me to have an agent and made sure that I always had the best signing and dance teachers that we could find in our area. She even got a second job just to pay for my classes and coaching. I saw that we could buy instagram followers after she said that she wanted to get a large following online so that we could get some people that may want to come see me perform live in person. I did not think that this was something that she would consider since it has been a while since I had performed. She told me that she wanted me to get online and start networking so that I could get some followers to like a new account that she had in mind for me. She said that she had been reading online that you can get a lot of people to like you and your account and that it would spread to others.

I am very familiar with social media, I have accounts on all of the main apps that people use to socialize and network. I always saw it as a way for my favorite stars to sell me products but never thought of using it to promote myself. I see people will get paid to show a picture with a product, and I usually am just happy to see my favorite singer. I did not think that it was going to be easy to find people who wanted to like my posts, but the people that heard me sing really started to like my posts and they wanted to follow me and then it caught on with many others.

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