There are many possible reasons that you might want to you a fake pay stub generator from – maybe you’re unable to print your own pay stubs when applying for a loan. This way you can actually show real information on a pay stub that may technically not be from your employer but has accurate information regarding it. Maybe you want it for more nefarious reasons. I wouldn’t blame you for that. Morality is such a social construct that’s objectively enforced by the will of subjective experiences that are somehow agreed upon. I’ve never been one for the nuances of morality in this context; if you want to steal from companies that have money quite literally insured, go for it.

The easiest places that you’ll probably be able to do this with are those Payday Loan sorts of places. For years they’ve been preying on desperate people who need money by providing loans based on the paycheck stubs of their customers. Then they tack on an absurd amount of interest on top of the loan itself which can force the individual getting the loan to apply for yet another one in order to pay off the first. It’s a savage cycle that exploits the poor without mercy.

If you wanted to do the same to them, I wouldn’t ever judge a person that thought of a way to get around their identification process. It would be a great way to get a marginal amount of money very quickly without it coming back on you. Of course, I can’t legally support nor encourage this activity. It’s not as if it’s morally wrong for someone to do. It’s up to the individual performing the action to decide whether or not they are actually doing something wrong for themselves and not to accept the judgement of social morality.

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