I knew that I was going to need some help not that long ago. I thought that I was going to have the help of my husband and daughter to get our household ready for the holidays. My husband was called out of the country on work though, and my daughter was given extra hours at her part time job. I was working extra at my job too because two women were out on maternity leave. I knew I needed help, so I did a search for a one time cleaning service in Singapore.

I did not need regular help. I can keep my own house clean when life is not as chaotic as it was then. I just needed some help at that particular time because I was left alone to do a hundred things, and that was just impossible. I found a cleaning company that was able to save the day for me though. I needed my entire condo cleaned, and I do mean a deep clean, not one of those simple surface cleaning jobs. We were having several parties, and quite a few dinners as well, in a short period of time.

I needed to have the condo looking presentable. Even though no one would be in the bedrooms, I wanted everything done. The company I hired did every single room, and they did such a great job. They cleaned things I was not expecting, like the entire ceiling fan in each of the rooms where there is one. In fact, they did such a good job that even though I was only thinking about having them that one time, I am seriously considering hiring them on a part time basis at least. When their cleaning is better than mine, then it is time to do something about that!

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