Getting a Holland Village manicure turned out to be the best choice I made when taking my daughter around to get her ready for a recital at school. She had a key role to play in the recital, and it was a formal recital where everyone dresses up to the nines and looks their best, so getting her nails done was only one part of the total package. We had to invest in an outfit, her hair, and of course her make up and nails. We want only the best for her so it was important to find the right place to do the work.

I had her hair done at the place I go, but I didn’t want them doing her nails because I know the person there doesn’t do the best work possible. I had a manicure done there a few months ago and felt that it was only average work at best. My daughter and I thus spent some time online searching around for options and decided to go to the salon at Holland Village because we liked the pictures we saw of their work. It’s amazing what they can do with nails these days.

I knew we stumbled on a great place as soon as we went in the door. The place was absolutely packed, always a good sign, and everyone inside seemed focused on their work and giving their customers the best nails possible. My daughter sat down and I flipped through a magazine while I waited and ended up surprised at how quickly they finished the work. One look at her nails and I could tell they did superior work. They looked so good your eyes actually drifted to her hands. The manicure actually drew the eye! I was so impressed I made an appointment for myself!

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