A Sacramento chiropractor eventually saved me from the ravages of anxiety and I’m eternally grateful for it. I was never what you would call an anxious person during my younger years. It wasn’t until I took a very high stress position with a bank several years ago that I started to feel the tug of what most people would call anxiety. The shaking, the jittery feeling, the thoughts that the world was about to collapse all reared their ugly head. I went to several doctors to see if there was a physical cause and they all said there was nothing.

I eventually tried several types of pharmaceutical drugs used to combat anxiety and all of them had side effects I wouldn’t wish upon my worst enemy. When I quit taking them, the anxiety returned in force. It got so bad that I started missing work and couldn’t really function even when I was at home. I started neglecting my family and I know my kids worried about the state of my health but also didn’t really understand what was going on. I knew I needed to try something else because quitting my job simply wasn’t an option at this point in my life.

A friend suggested seeing a massage therapist because she said it worked really well for her. She said it helped her attain a state of complete relaxation that helped her in her life and at her job. I found a therapist who worked at a chiropractor’s clinic and made an appointment. All I can say is that this really is a miraculous treatment, at least for me. Within three visits I felt the anxiety melt away. Moreover, I had more mental and physical energy. Tasks that seemed daunting became easy. I truly believe the massages saved my marriage and my job.

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