Texas Energy Companies aren’t exactly know for their use of wind mills and hydroelectricity but more so for their oil plants and coal mining. I think there’s a better alternative they should consider going into 2017. For example, solar panels. Millions of people are using them on their homes, for large businesses and even to just keep their hot tubs warm in the winter.

I don’t see any reason why Texas can’t turn this around for their benefit and for the greater benefit of our children and over all environment health.

Global warming is real people and it wont take any prisoners. One day we’ll wake up wishing we had done more to prevent the horrible things that will undoubtedly occur in the near future.

You know who can help with this? The energy companies. Specifically, Texas. They should want to be a pioneer for our future generations and say we’re done using oil and coal to power our plants and dish out power to the community. Instead we will find new innovative ways to counter this and give the people what they deserve clean energy that will not only benefit the environment and it’s people but the entire world.

I honestly believe if we can work together to save our planet we will not regret a single thing. Sure some “older” people are still stuck in their ways and refuse to wake up and see the truth but we can’t afford to stand idly by and watch them single-handedly kill what is left of our ozone layer. Even wind mills in Texas might sound strange at first but it will be worth every penny we invest into it.

Lets work together to save our planet and not watch it be demolished by ignorance and fear of what some day will be no more.

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